The MDM in the Mobility Data Space

The Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) is the central point of contact for road traffic data in Germany – a platform that already covers some of the concepts of the Mobility Data Space. The Mobility Data Space concepts can enhance the MDM‘s functionalities, thus increasing its attractiveness. 

Some of the MDM‘s functionalities correspond with the core components of the Mobility Data Space:


  • The data marketplace is the core functionality of the MDM. Metadata is searchable via a web-based user interface, but it is not machine-searchable. Also, it is possible to distribute usage and content data in addition to metadata via the data distributor. Through this type of 1:n distribution system, a large number of subscribers to a certain offer can receive real-time data while the data provider only has to manage one interface. This way, only the most recent data content is available in the MDM, and the historicization of data does not take place.
  • The vocabulary provider functionality is already partly supported by the MDM through the provision of DATEX II profiles.
  • While access to the metadata search is free, data providers and data users have to register as users for the MDM. The range of certificates is comparable to that of the identity provider functionality.
  • In analogy to the clearing house, transactions are also logged in the MDM. However, a standardized procedure following the IDS concept is not implemented in the MDM.

The MDM is currently not implemented in an IDS-compliant way. The metadata directory is not machine-readable, data distribution is not carried out via a connector, and the mobility vocabulary provider, identity provider and clearing house components were not created according to the concepts of the Mobility Data Space. Also, a data app store is missing. 

The chart below shows how the MDM, as complemented by an IDS connector, could become a part of the Mobility Data Space, run data apps and broaden its spectrum of services through data processed by those apps.



The MDM, enhanced by an IDS connector, as part of the Mobility Data Space

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